The MADRONA BUREAU: Video Film Commercial Production / Seattle

Commercial production services
The MADRONA BUREAU (formerly, AIO Media) can be a Seattle ­ based film, TV and commercial production services company. MADRONA has overseen the fabrication and distribution of two feature length documentary films, the publication of a quarterly current affairs magazine, as well as the development of the TV/Digital current affairs series, INSIDE OUTLOOK (hosted by Gavin P. Sullivan), which can be broadcast on NWCN (Tegna) and UWTV.

MADRONAs commercial division has led production on the wide range of projects specialized in brand exposure and development. These include multi­day video and photography shoots with 40 crew, to skeleton documentary and behind the scene work.

No matter what size or scale MADRONA is firmly committed to an organised production structure and strategy that’s efficient and effective, and anchored in planning.

We welcome your concerns, and offer noncommittal advice and proposals on your projects.

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